7 Tips in Producing a Corporate Video for Your Association

dgCorporate video production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation or organisation (Reference: Wikipedia).

We all know that corporate videos tell us something about the owner of the corporate video. But, how do you come up with a compelling corporate video? By compelling, I mean a corporate video that will attract the people that you want to learn about your company, corporation, or organization. By compelling, I mean a corporate video that will clearly convey the “right message” to the “right people”.

I never thought that I would ever need to worry about coming up with a corporate video as an Association Manager. My perfect plan is to just hire a professional team of video editors. Voila! I will have the corporate video that we will launch in time for our association’s anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I am not an expert in video editing but I would like to share with you the 7 things I have learned about producing a corporate video for an association based from my experience.

1. Hire a professional team

What You Need to Know Making You First Movie

e3Film Making

So you have decided you are going to create a film. You have this great story or concept for a film. You have decided it will be in the style of a comedy. You are ready to grab the camera and get started with the film making.

Just hang on a second.

Technology with cameras and film making has put making a film within the reach of nearly everyone today. You certainly can grab a camera and start film making. If you are serious about making a quality film that could be shown in your local theatre, you need to be aware that between the idea and the releasing and distribution of a film there are 3 distinct stages.

First is stage of film making is the pre-production or planning stage.

This is where you should expect to spend approximately one/third of your total time.It is where you create the planning paperwork. Assemble your production team, map out your story board and find and choose locations. It is also where you decide on, and hire cast and crew, deal with the legal paperwork, create the budget and

How To Produce a Professional News Package

4rCreating an excellent and impactful news package is a skill set that develops over time. Some reporters typically learn the hard way how to best prep and plan for their assignment.

However, taking advantage of a few tried and true tips can make even the cub reporter look like a pro.

The first tip for any reporter looking to master their fate is to develop credible news sources. Reporters should keep plenty of business cards on hand at all times and pass them out like candy while on the beat. This sounds simple, but it is effective. Reliable, abundant and credible news sources are the lifeblood of any beat reporter.

If you are consistent at establishing contacts and sources, two things will happen:

1) You will consistently develop great story ideas.
2) You will be thought of as a rock star in the newsroom.

Nothing frustrates the producers and news managers more than reporters who show up to the morning meeting with no story ideas, looking like a deer in headlights when they are asked to pitch what they could turn that day for the newscasts.

So, assuming that you

How to Start a Film Society in 5 Steps

There are many cinema lovers out there that can appreciate the artistic and cultural value of non-commercial films and actually want to promote independent or low profile motion pictures within their community or even to a broader audience. As a result, many such individuals chose to form film clubs with their friends or acquaintances that share the same passion, where they would screen whatever film they consider worthy, whether it is a blockbuster, a commercial movie or an independent, low budget film. Cinema enthusiasts who think even bigger may choose to form film societies and if you are such a fan and you would like to know how to start a film society, here are 5 important steps to get you going and give you a clear image of what such an endeavour entails.

The first step you need to take is finding others who share your passion for films and cinema. As mentioned above, film societies are more than just small film clubs that you can organise in your home, they are bigger projects and you cannot properly run such an organisation on your own. So you need to find and engage others who might be willing to help you

Top 3 Steps for Producing a Great Video

If you want to create a quality video then you need to ensure that you are well prepared. Overlooking even smaller things will lead to complete wastage of your efforts. The videos that you are producing should consist of a polished presentation and everything should be systematic. However, at the same time the systematic procedures should not hamper the creativity of the video. Following are some of the best steps that you should follow for producing a great video.

Creativity Vs Practicality
It is a well know fact that it is easier to conceptualize then to actually implement it. We may think of various sci-fi movies like Avatar, Star Wars and X-Men etc. and in our mind we can actually plan the locations of cameras and lights. However, we need to be more practical. Thus, we need to jot down the points. Also, list of inspired shots will surely be of great help. You need to ask yourself many questions about the location, setting, duration and angle of the shoots. Also, an ad shoot is different from a movie shoot or a documentary shoot, thus the requirements are different.

Get Your Needs Right
Once you have outlined your requirements and are focused

Top Tips to Help You Get Your Music Placed in Films, TV and Games

Getting your music placed in a popular TV show or a movie is one of the best ways to ensure that you get just the right amount of exposure that will help you set your music career off in the right direction, not to mention the chunky amount of money that you stand eligible to earn. However, whilst the prospect seems extremely appealing and alluring, one of the most basic questions that is likely to flutter about in your head pertains to how you can actually make this happen.

There are several ways to make sure that your music reaches the right supervisor who feels that the songs would be a perfect match for any existing or upcoming TV series, movies or games. You could sign up with a music licensing company that will not just license the music for you but at the same time, will also ensure that the tunes find the right client. However, if that does not seem like an appropriate idea, you could go about carrying out licensing work by yourself and getting in touch with placement companies and music supervisors to get your music recognized. Given below are some valuable sources that will help you

3 Best Video Editing Software Used By Professional Video Editors

Digital technology has advanced significantly over the years and this has made it easy for people to access quality video editing software. It is now possible to turn any video into a masterpiece using one of the software options available. The best video editing software offer import/capture, exporting, and editing options. These are basic features that software should have to allow effective editing. But the best software offers more than these basic functions. Here are some of the three main options you should consider.

Final Cut Pro

One of the best features in this video editors software is the inclusion of libraries. The libraries make it easy for you to group all your projects and activities in a single place. It also allows you to have multiple libraries, which you can open and close when necessary. The software has a backup option to store your files on a hard drive or cloud storage.

It comes with Project Snapshots, a feature that allows you to capture your edits. This additional editing functionality makes it easy to revise images. It also provides third-party plugin support and flexible media management.

One of the drawbacks is that you need to manage collaborative workflows carefully. In addition, it features

How To Produce a Short Film You Will Be Proud Of

My first short movie was shot on VHS video, with no DP (director of photography) and no additional lighting or sound-tracking. The script was underdeveloped, I used friends instead of professional actors and halfway through the film the camera time-code is displayed. As a result the film was unshowable. I made sure the next time I made a film it would be something I would be proud of. It was and the following article shows how you too can achieve this.

The Script:

As producer you are responsible for the cost of this project so make sure you choose your script with the budget in mind. This means minimal characters and minimal locations. Mine had only two characters and was set in one location for this very reason.

Depending how confident you are in your writing ability you can write it yourself which will help keep your budget down or you can get someone else to write it for you. I’d had a degree and masters degree both specializing in scriptwriting and had written a feature-length stage play before I’d written this one so was confident in my ability. Whatever you do, don’t take a chance. If you’re not confident in your scriptwriting

How To Find A Good Transcription Company

Audio transcription can be challenging. And finding an audio transcription company isn’t easy. Many companies use what’s called crowd sourcing, meaning that they take your content and send it out to many different people. Each person then transcribes a small chunk of your audio and sends it back. Nobody checks anything, and you’re lucky if the transcription is even remotely close to accurate.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be done. It’s a challenge to work fast and be accurate at the same time, but a good transcription company will have one person work on your audio or video content, and will take the time to check the work.

Also, the entertainment industry has special needs when it comes to transcription services. Entertainment clients require something called true verbatim, where every “uhm” and “uh” and pause is transcribed. This helps the editors and producers select which parts of the interview will be used in the final edit. Entertainment transcription companies are very different than other types of transcription companies. Entertainment transcribers also need to know how to enter time code within the transcription. Time code helps the editors find the exact part of the interview that will be used in the final

Risk Management In Film

In the film industry, Risk Management Plans covering Occupational Health and Safety do exist and must be put in place for every film made in order to conform to legislative requirements. However, because I was unable to obtain any Risk Management Plans for a film which covered other types of risk, it is impossible to know whether Film Studios actually use them other than for Occupational Health and Safety.

When we think of Risk Management in any business, even though very important, we are not just referring to Occupational Health and Safety, we are also considering any other kind of risk associated which has implications on the business itself. The list of risks can be many depending on the context and setting of which the film occurs.

In the film-making process, the setting or environment in which the film occurs can drastically change, causing various risks to befall a production, some risks which may be familiar and others which may have never been dealt with before. In film, this means there are many, many risks which can occur on a production.

When one thinks about how many films are made each year, it would mean film-makers constantly deal with a high turnover

Filmmaking Behind the Scenes

The art of filmmaking has been around for less than a century now, but its rise has been dramatic. From Soundless black and white films, to films that boast realistic images of things that don’t even exist. Whatever the case may be, there is a distinctly identifiable process to filmmaking which will be listed below in its five stages.


First things first, a producer has to have a story he wants to produce, whether it already exists as a book or novel or as a screenplay written by an individual writer etc. We can say that this is the first resource for the shooting of a film. The original material is analyzed and beaten into a shape that the movie will finally take. Once this is done, the film receives a ‘Green light’ which means that someone has chosen to financially back it. The film now has a definite marketing strategy as well as a target audience.


In this stage of filmmaking, the planning for the actual shooting of the film takes place. The producer selects a story boarder who creates a graphic draft of the movie before selecting a crew that will fit the specific nuances of the film. The first

Why Use Royalty Free Music

When creating your own films or simply making videos for YouTube or a Facebook posting, you will certainly need to add a little background music. Beware the music you choose- YouTube and Facebook can shut down your video for copyright infringement.

This happened to me when I created a memorial video that was posted on Facebook. Somehow they ‘knew’ that the music I was using was copyrighted. They did not allow the post to stay up. I worked around the problem by finding royalty free music on the web. I was able to use this music by simply adding a credit at the end of the video. Like everything else, it was a learning curve to find this ‘public domain’ music and then search through the tons of crap out there that is available.

It’s tricky to find music that you don’t have to pay royalties to use. A lot of sites offer that kind of music, the problem is they offer quantity over quality. Most of the sites are hard to navigate and the music is cheesy. Worst of all, some charge a fee up front to download their songs. You can find free quality music out there but as each

How to Create a Low Budget Movie Soundtrack

I bet if you think of your favorite movie, you can hum the theme song or some of the music from that film. Music is an important part of a great movie- so important that Hollywood pays top composers huge amounts of money to create the perfect, catchy score.

If you’re needing music for your new movie, you can hire a composer to custom write music for each and every scene but that may strain your already tight budget. Don’t worry, you can find great, original music on the web and much of it is free or available for a very low price.

I’m talking about Royalty-free music. If you Google ‘royalty free alternative music’ for instance, you will find pages of websites that offer alternative rock music for free or for a small licensing fee. That’s the good news. The bad news is – you’re going to have to do a lot of digging to find the music that fits the mood of your movie.

The best way to start off is to create a rough list of the songs you will need. Perhaps you want a quick uptempo rock song for the opening credits or maybe you have a few steamy

Ten Important Things to Look for in Choosing a Royalty Free Music Website

Looking for some great music for your newest film but don’t have the budget for hiring a composer? You’re in luck because there’s actually a lot of great music out there that is royalty free or in the public domain that may work perfectly for your next film. Whether you’re a pro filmmaker or a novice YouTube video creator, having a quality soundtrack behind your visual masterpiece is going to make a huge difference.

There’s nothing more frustrating than selecting link after link of MPEG or WAV files in search of a good, moody piece of music, only to find some crappy, poorly recorded junk. The good news is, there are a few sites that offer superb songs with quality arrangements that were recorded in a professional studio. These sites have their music categorized by genre to help you weed through the stuff you’re not interested in, so you can get to the gems.

I’ve compiled a list of the key things to look for when choosing a royalty free music website. I believe these suggestions will help you find the music you’re looking for. Keep in mind, most of the time the hardest part of finding good music is sorting through

Tips for Aerial Video Production

The Aerial Video shot is a new trend emerging for creating low-altitude imagery through the use of lightweight, remote-controlled helicopter drones. This technology allows for stunning aerial shots that can be used for various kinds of videos including real estate videos, construction videos, action-sports and films. There are many more uses for aerial filming, but these industries are early adopters of this new trend. Transparency Market Research finds that the aerial photography market is expected to reach $1993.3 million by 2019, with most of the income coming from the U.S. market. Most of the demand will arrive from the real estate, construction and the natural resource management sectors. Increased demand is also expected from urban planning and insurance fields.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to perform aerial filming. Here are some tips for successful aerial video production:


The most important factor is the weather. It is advisable to film on a day when the winds are less than 10 mph and usually the optimum conditions are in the morning. I’ve watched a lot of aerial videos and in almost all of them there are some shaky shots. I think it’s the nature of this type of videography since

Favorite Movie Soundtracks and How to Find Royalty Free Soundtrack Music

I really love a movie where the soundtrack fits perfectly with the scenes. I especially like a soundtrack that has a deeply moving or haunting theme that plays over and over. There are many great movie soundtracks filled with hit songs that play well when listening to the CD by itself, but I’m talking about soundtracks that compliment the scenes of the movie and are meant to enhance the feeling of the visuals.

One of my favorite movie soundtracks is the Shawshank Redemption. The music is pretty sparse and monotone but really works well. When the aerial view of the prison is first shown, a single moody Cello starts to play. The feeling that is conveyed is one of loneliness, hopelessness and despair. This Cello part repeats itself throughout the movie and works incredibly well.

Another brilliant soundtrack is A Clockwork Orange. The music was intended to sound futuristic even though it was arrangements of very old composers such as Beethoven. This soundtrack stands very well on it’s own but works especially well with the movie. In particular, the music ‘the Thieving Magpie’ is used as a background to a brawl between rival gangs. The timing and editing of that scene is

Thinking About Filming With a Drone

A guide for film enthusiasts wishing to film from the UAE’s skies.

Its Dubai 2016, and although we do not have flying cars and hover boards (at least, not real ones), we do have flight drones, and lots of them. While most people who own high-end models of drone aircraft do so for professional use, an increasing number of people have purchased the machines simply as toys. What many of them do not know (including a large number of film production companies in Dubai) is that drone usage with a camera within the UAE is illegal, without the correct permissions and permits.

Recently The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has asked light air sports enthusiasts, including drone enthusiasts, to fly their aircraft only in accredited clubs approved by the authority to address safety and security issues. Most notably, the GCAA also warned drone hobbyists against equipping their vehicles with laser devices, cameras and other projection devices. Doing so could result in your equipment being confiscated by the police with a hefty fine. So what are the basic rules?

Well all flying should take place within the visual line of sight of the user and not above 400 ft from ground level without

5 Reasons We Love Goodfellas

1. The treatment of the film, some of which include the brisk dialogues, the sharp editing, the first person narration scenes, and last but not the least, the perfectly blended background music, makes Goodfellas a near perfect directorial effort.

2. The realism infused in the movie, such as the realistic interactions between the gangster brood, the grand scale of the sets (the prison sequence, the roads and traffic of the 60’s, and most importantly, the frequently visited bars and pubs).

3. The characterization of Joe Pesci as a cold blooded and dim witted mafia Tommy DeVito. His Academy award winning performance showcased Pesci at his histrionic best, with as much volatility of temper as a Kodiak bear. His cold blooded murders and his occasional dark humour lent a unique quality to the movie, as Pesci’s character effectively broke the mafia stereotypes as portrayed in Hollywood. His character is summed up when he says to Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta “I’ll take the shovel from my mother’s house” (after killing a rival at a bar and planning on burying him).

4. The long shot where Henry (Liotta) takes Karen (Lorraine Bracco) for dinner, and they get off the car, pass in through the

Defining the Director’s Vision

Coverage is a term that refers to camera placement in capturing the scene’s actions. It affords different perspectives of characters and their telling the story. More than any other aspect of filmmaking coverage defines the director’s touch, his vision of the story. In essence, coverage is what the camera sees, and feels. Used creatively, coverage is a decided factor in the success of a movie.

While it refers most to camera placement, angles, and composition, it also relates to the movement of the camera and the length of the shot. Other factors include camera lenses, filters and the rhythm, pace and variety of shots

Coverage is what makes up the elements that are later edited together to make the movie. It’s a selection of shots that the editor can splice together to complete the scene. Because shots are duplicated in a number of takes, these shots provide the editor with many options, ways to tell the story. And while the editor may assemble the shots into a scene, it is the director who has the final say how this assemblage is completed.

To obtain coverage, it’s common practice to first shoot a master. A master shot includes all the elements or characters in

How a Motion Infographics Video Helps in Developing Brand Relationships

Motion Infographic Videos refers to the graphical representation of information in a video format. They are a perfect blend of visual as well as auditory appeal, which makes them an ideal tool for advertisement or for the dissemination of any information to an audience. The graphics may be in 2D or 3D format and generally contains elements like stop-motion animation, digital video, film footage, pictures or different visual forms necessary to tell the story.

Not only do motion infographic videos have a longer lasting impact but also quicker dissemination of the intended information can be done in a more effective manner. A 3 minutes animated video can convey more information than an entire brochure as they are easily comprehensible. Many companies use these videos in their YouTube channels and other media sharing websites to reach out to their customers more effectively.

Here are some ways in which these infographic videos help in developing brand relationships.

Much better publicity
With the advent of video sharing websites, videos have become the most favoured means of publicizing products/brands. Videos being the most shared material online have the potential of becoming a powerful SEO tool. Frequent liking and sharing of these short films are a norm and